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At BJ Queen Enterprises in Eagle Bay, NY, we are the one-stop resource for all your generator, tree service, and electrical work needs. Whatever we do, we take pride in our professional approach to helping customers. We carry out all projects with prompt, dependable service, and we don't leave a job until our client is fully satisfied. Whether you need generators or electrical work, our licensed professionals are ready to do the job!

We have many years of experience with residential, commercial and recreational generators. With our wide selection of brands and styles, we can help with the purchase of new and used generators. We can also cover your needs regarding installation, maintenance, parts and accessories. Whether you're looking for a home generator to protect your family from power outages, a portable RV generator to take with you on vacation, or a back-up generator to keep your business running during a blackout, we are the experts you can count on. If you have any questions, or just need helping finding the right generator at the right price, please contact us today.

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